Learning Strategies Reflection

             The technique that I have chosen to implement into my learning is the Pomodoro Technique. I chose this technique because I wanted to improve on productivity because I tend to get distracted easily and found myself off task and unmotivated. After using the Pomodoro effect for the past 2 weeks, I can confidently conclude it has definitely helped me in my studies. Throughout this period, I used the technique when studying at home which builds a large majority of my study and work time and I have noticed a steady increase in my productivity and efficiency. I am now able to have 5 20-minute work periods with 5-minute breaks in between. This has allowed me to remain focused on the task at hand while the breaks in between keep me motivated during my study time.

The use of this technique has followed up with convincing marks on tests and assignments which has definitely helped motivate me to continue down this path. This strategy has completely removed procrastination from my life. Before, it would take me many hours of many days to complete a task whether it was an assignment or studying for a test. Now from the techniques time management, I find myself completing a task from one subject using only 1 to 3 work intervals of 20 minutes. This proves that the technique has allowed me to stay on task and work much more efficiently. Since I am able to save a large amount of time on my studies, it allows me to open up to time to other activities such as volunteering, work, and meeting deadlines from other courses.

I am very satisfied with the results after using this technique. The technique has proven to improve my ability to focus, work efficiently as well as time management. These improvements have allowed me to reach higher academic achievements than before. Moving forward, I will likely try to change the location of where I study hoping for even further improvements in certain areas as well as continuing to increase the time of my work intervals.



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