Placement Blog

1.Did you enjoy the experience? Why or why not?

I had a neutral experience when working on the school website. My job was to update the teachers in each department as well as their personal information. Although this job was very straightforward, going through each department and editing certain things become very tedious after a short amount of time. My expectations when going into this project were that we would have a larger impact on the website rather than simply adding and removing certain things. However, there were things that I enjoyed. For instance, interacting and working with my group members during the placement as well as creating the response video was a very enjoyable experience.

2. What went well with your placement?

While working on the placement, overall everything went smoothly. The most notable factor that made this when working on the placement plan that made the experience go well was getting in touch with the placement teacher. In our group’s case, the teacher we were assigned was Ms. Cuttle. This made communication very convenient since getting in touch within only required finding her in the classroom. Personally, the convenient communication with Ms.Cuttle was a huge help to me. Since my job was to update the teacher list and information, Ms.Cuttle was able to provide me with a spreadsheet containing a large amount of teacher information submitted by individual teachers as well as a teacher list for the school. In addition to that, she educated me on how to edit certain parts of the website, referred me to helpful sources to obtain my required material as well as providing her personal knowledge of the teachers. Another success was the communication between group members. On the first day, we got together as a group to outline our objectives for the project and assigned responsibilities for everyone. The communication was very clear which made our jobs very straightforward with no confusion on who is doing what.

3.What difficulties did you have with your placement?

Throughout my time working on the placement plan, I generally did not experience many difficulties. The only exception were some technical difficulties that I encountered. When editing the website, I experience very slow loading times when navigating around the website. Lastly, the teacher list I was provided was not complete as I noticed a few teachers missing from it. I was able to iron out all of these problems by simply spending a bit of extra time.

4.Do you consider your placement a success?

After completing this placement plan, there is no doubt that I consider this project a success from all aspects. The group was able to complete all tasks on time without any issues with communication or collusion. Most importantly, by successfully creating an up to date version of the school website, we were able to maintain the purpose of the website which is to communicate what is happening in the school as well as allowing parents to see deeper into what our school provides for students.

5.  Do you think the project is useful/has value for IDC students/teachers/students of placement teachers?

I believe that this project brings value and benefits to both students and their respective placement teachers. Starting off with the students, they got the opportunity to develop new skills and knowledge in the process of working on their placement plans. Personally, after working on the school website, I gained a further knowledge in creating/editing on WordPress’s website. As for the teachers, it allows them to benefit from the work of the students. Students were assigned duties of constructing technological tools such as websites/online classrooms which ultimately enhances the teacher’s instructing as well as a student’s learning. On top of that, teachers were assigned a number of students per group which made for higher efficiency and a lower opportunity cost if the teachers were to create these things themselves. What made this project bring so much value to both ends was the fact that students were being marked for this which provided motivation.

6.How could the project be improved for future IDC classes?

After completing this placement plan, there are a number things that I have noticed that could be changed in the future to benefit for both teachers and students. Firstly, I believe that students should be able to choose an area that interests them and is placed with a teacher that specialized in that respective area. This allows for students to dive deeper into that area when working on their placement plan since the teacher can support the student if he/she runs into any difficulties. In my case, when getting assigned with the school website, it would have been a good experience to edit the website using code and work with Ms. Krasteva as my placement teacher. By doing so, students can learn a great deal of valuable information that they can incorporate into their other courses and everyday lives. Secondly, I believe that the description for each placement should be explained in more detail. Personally, I was misled to some extent with my placement plan. I thought that being tasked with working on the school website would be a more challenging and exciting project. 



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