Technonology in Divergent

Divergent is movie that takes place in the distant future in a world that has been rebuilt after society collapsed. After watching and analyzing the film, I noticed significant amounts the technology present throughout the entire film. The technology depicted in the movie is shown to be more advanced than what we are currently used to. Although, the technology is still very realistic to the technology in our current world. The movie gives a good impression of showing a more evolved version of our current technology rather than some new unrealistic sci-fi technology. Things such as virtual reality simulations, serums/injections and computers are things we are very used to in today’s day and age but have exceptional versatility and practicality in the movie that gives them their futuristic feel. 

In terms of how the technology has changed people’s choices and behaviors, there is a clear message in the movie that technology is heavily related to power. The technology distribution towards different groups of people is very unbalanced much like our world today but within a much smaller community. I noticed was that the faction that revolved around intelligence were the people that were surrounded by the most technology implying the idea that the intelligent controlled the majority of the technology. While other factions as well as the factionless (homeless people) had much less technology revolving around them. From this we can clearly see a segregation between people based upon technology.

Overall, the movie portrays the technology to have a negative effect on people/society. Ultimately, the technology heavily affected the behavior and choices of people as seen when the “intelligent” faction used their technology as an attempt to obtain more power by controlling people. In addition, It also gives the vibe that the society is more dictatorship influenced due to the technology. The main protagonist, Tris, is a particular target for suppression due to her Divergency. Since the Divergent are not easily controlled and therefore pose a significant threat in establishing order

I would definitely not want to live in this future. Not only from seeing the actions of those with technology in their hands, but also because I see direct correlations between our society and from what was shown in the film. I found that our world is scarily similar to the movie’s fictional world. The foundation of how technology has impacted those in the movie feels like a more extreme version of our technology and its effect on our society. The way technology was used to control people in the film can be compared to way social media holds so much influence and how it affects today’s society in certain areas of the world. There are countless of other examples of “impossible” things within the movie that are just starting to sprout in our world (such as artificially removing fears) that should be taken for more than just science fiction.



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