Blog Post 7-The Jobs of Our Future Ted Talk

Briefly summarize the content of this talk. Andrew McAfee’s Ted Talk explored the concept of the our society’s future entering the Machine Age. He describes the Machine Age as the idea that technology will our future by having a massive impact on the jobs within society. He believes that while the highly educated population may... Continue Reading →


Technonology in Divergent

Divergent is movie that takes place in the distant future in a world that has been rebuilt after society collapsed. After watching and analyzing the film, I noticed significant amounts the technology present throughout the entire film. The technology depicted in the movie is shown to be more advanced than what we are currently used... Continue Reading →

ICT Issues

Based on the materials presented in class and your own background knowledge and experiences, do you think social media has overall had a more positive or negative impact on the world? I think that social media has had a negative impact on the world. As social media platforms continue to grow larger, the refutation it... Continue Reading →

Placement Blog

1.Did you enjoy the experience? Why or why not? I had a neutral experience when working on the school website. My job was to update the teachers in each department as well as their personal information. Although this job was very straightforward, going through each department and editing certain things become very tedious after a... Continue Reading →

Technology in the 21st Century.

1. Do you feel the school is preparing you adequately for your future? Why or why not? I have mixed feeling about the way school is preparing me for my future. On one side, it is obvious to me that school tries their very best to help prepare their students. They do things such as accommodating... Continue Reading →

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