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Education Links (Quizlet)

Quizlet is a website designed for students to study and learn content created by other users. They can also chose to create their own custom study sets. I have used Quizlet when preparing for tests by doing test that were shared by others. (Kahoot)

A game based learning website that is well suited for a classroom environment. I have used Kahoot before when studying for tests as a class. (Google Classroom)

Google classroom is an online classroom where teachers can evaluate and interact with their students. I use this website to connect with my IDCICT course. (SparkNotes)

Sparknotes is a website that provides study guides to various courses. I use this website to assist me with taking notes for novels in English courses as well and helping me identifying themes and literary devices. (Moodle)

Moodle is a learning platform

Moodle is a learning platform on web and mobile that is designed integrate students and teachers into a learning environment. I have used to this program before in courses such as ICS and Drama.




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